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Sometimes the survivor must forever follow the dead.

In a remote Scottish fishing village, a young loner named Aaron finds himself the only survivor of a tragic boating accident that has killed his older brother and four other men. Driven by superstition and a fear of the unknown, the village ostracises Aaron for surviving. But Aaron is convinced his brother is still alive under the sea, and is willing to go to any lengths to find him.

For Those in Peril is the poignant and sometimes magical feature-length debut from BAFTA Award-winning short filmmaker Paul Wright. A heart-wrenching blend of fantastical imagery, intimate drama and breathtaking cinematography, the world Wright conjures is one where myth seeps into reality and the love of two brothers may be the only thing worth saving.

"Strikingly original ... mixes social realism with magical realism, brooding human tragedy with arty abstraction." – Hollywood Reporter

D/S Paul Wright P Mary Burke, Polly Stokes Dist Madman Entertainment TD DCP/2013