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MIFF is excited to again present a special program of jaw-dropping fulldome screenings at the Melbourne Planetarium. Located at Scienceworks, the Planetarium features a 16-metre domed ceiling, reclining seats, a surround-sound stereo system and projection system that blankets the dome with a single, seamless, super high-resolution image resulting in spectacular colour and movement.

Showcase 2 includes:

Escher’s Universe

Spain 26 mins

Escher’s Universe is based on the life and work of MC Escher. Was he an artist, an astronomer, a mathematician, a traveller? The show visits Escher’s particular universe, where his use of mathematics, astronomy, optics, crystallography and geometry to artistically explain complex concepts - via three-dimensional reconstructions, dual worlds, unreal buildings and impossible continuities - reveals his passion for knowledge.

Chaos and Order - A Mathematics Symphony

Germany 40 mins

Does maths have a colour? Does it have a sound? Media artist Rocco Helmchen and composer Johannes Kraas try to answer these questions in their latest fulldome edutainment show. Experience the fundamental connection between reality and maths, as science and art are fused together in this immersive celebration of the one language of our universe.