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"A film about radio is a little unnatural: how can you film radio without shattering its mystery?" - Director Nicolas Philibert

One of the strengths of radio is surely how our reception of it, immune from the influence of vision, is at once in sharper focus but more open to imagination and interpretation. Documenting the inner workings of Radio France's Paris headquarters, filmmaker Nicolas Philibert has created an engaging look into a medium that is both familiar and hidden to almost everyone on Earth.

Philibert finds stories from a range of personalities both within the building and without - at one point following a commentator who covers the Tour de France from the back of a motorcycle - and through his own deft editing conveys the lively, esoteric charm of this unique workplace.

"Un film plein d'humour, magnifique!" - Le Monde

D Nicolas Philibert P Serge Lalou Dist Hi Gloss Entertainment L French w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013