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"This is the best documentary film on a wine subject in many years … Even if you have no interest in wine see this movie for what it says about power, wealth and vanity." – Stuart Pigott, UK wine writer

The prestigious world of luxury wines is the subject of this smartly put together Australian documentary, which charts the modern fortunes of Bordeaux's most famous export. Having priced itself out of its traditional markets, the most revered winemaking region in the world is turning to China's new super-wealthy classes. But with voracious Chinese demand outstripping a naturally limited supply, the legacy French oenologists now face a competitive fakes market and China's rise both as a major wine consumer and a major wine producer.

Lushly photographed, with the appropriately rich tones of Russell Crowe as narrator, Red Obsession travels from the elite chateaux of France to the new high-end vineyards of China and includes entertaining contributions from the likes of Oz Clarke, Francis Ford Coppola and Michael Parkinson.

"This look at the frenzied global market for Bordeaux wine is one palate-pleasing provocation." – Time Out New York

Warwick Ross is a guest of the festival.

D Warwick Ross, David Roach P Warwick Ross S David Roach, Warwick Ross Dist Roadshow Entertainment L English, Mandarin w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013