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"As silently observational as Bestiaire … Daniel Hoesl's [film] exhibits a practiced but seemingly effortless control that signals a filmmaker with utmost confidence in his material." – Film Threat

Forty-something protagonist Fanni leads a bourgeois life anchored by a certain arrogance in its reliance upon others. But with the trappings of this opulent existence crumbling around her, she decides to stomp it into the ground and leave it behind – but not before spending large at a high-end boutique, only to throw the clothes in the bin as soon as she leaves the store. Soldate Jeanette follows Fanni from this world to a pig farm, where she meets a likeminded spirit in the younger Anna and the pair embark on a surprisingly anarchic attack on the systems that govern our lives.

Filmed on-the-fly and without a script, Soldate Jeannette is a bold, atmospheric comment on class and materialism, directed by Ulrich Seidl (Paradise: Love, Paradise: Faith and Paradise: Hope, MIFF 2013) protégé Daniel Hoesl and featuring a remarkable performance from Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg as the disillusioned but unflappable Fanni.

International Film Festival Rotterdam Tiger Award winner.

"Soldate Jeannette has not only a sense of humor about its own graphic aesthetic (at moments reminiscent of Antonioni) but about filmmaking and cinema in general." –

D/S Daniel Hoesl P Film Conspiracy WS Premium Films L German w/English subtitles TD DCP/2013