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"Captures the tribulations and perspectives of a difficult age when kids start to act tough while still being vulnerable inside." - Screen Daily

In a nameless, down-market town somewhere in New Zealand, shy 11-year-old Adrian fantasises to escape the dreary reality of life with his no-nonsense, hard-love Gran and manic-depressive Uncle Rory. Bullied at school, at home he is growing increasingly anxious about the disappearance of three local children. So when three strange children move in next door, they spark Adrian's curiosity.

Inspired by Sonya Hartnett's novel Of a Boy, The Weight of Elephants is Daniel Joseph Borgman's feature debut. Starkly honest and captivatingly poetic, it ultimately reminds us of the fragility of childhood through the brave, emotionally raw performance of newcomer Demos Murphy.

Nominated for the New Talent Grand Prix at the 2013 CPH PIX Film Festival, The Weight of Elephants is a sensitive, universal story about friendship and loneliness.

Daniel Joseph Borgman is a guest of the festival.

D/S Daniel Joseph Borgman P Katja Adomeit, Leanne Saunders Dist Transmission Films TD DCP/2013

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