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"Its detached, discursive and sympathetic observation of the earnest foolishness of post-baccalaureate, pre-1968 Parisians is more acute, and more prophetic, than ever." – New York Times

A young man, despondent at the vapidness of mid-1960s French youth culture, falls in love with an aspiring pop singer. They talk, and their relationship develops, but a connection is missing – as there is with their hobbies, their politics and their society.

Jean-Luc Godard's portrait of radicalisation, consumerism and the effects of gender on communication remains one of his most ambitious and cohesive works. The film, which Godard suggests could be called ‘The Children of Marx and Coca~Cola', also marks his first on-screen collaboration with a young Jean-Pierre Léaud, who would become emblematic of Godard's late ‘60s films and the time that accompanied them.

"That rare movie achievement: a work of grace and beauty in a contemporary setting." – New Republic