Director Nathan Silver / 2013

"A shrewdly conceived yet emotionally unhinged blend of uproarious situations and devastating outcomes." – The New Yorker

Cast out of her New York City apartment by an angry boyfriend, Natalia turns up drunk and dishevelled at her friend Hannah's Shabbat dinner, before setting out in search of a place to stay. Lurching from disaster to disaster, Natalia is a force of nature unwittingly leaving devastation in her wake.

Prolific filmmaker Nathan Silver filmed on a micro-budget over 15 days as a partially improvised "documentary of imagined life". This striking character portrait, loosely based on Dostoyevsky's The Idiot, exults in viewer discomfort while evoking the delirious energy of indie cinema masters Samuel Fuller and John Cassavetes.

"Soft in the Head confirms Silver's talent and his status as one of the most interesting emerging directors in US indie film." – Filmmaker Magazine

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