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An all-star cast tell the tale of how a faulty, primitive hunk of plastic and metal changed music forever.

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer launched in 1980. It didn't sound much like an organ. Or a drum. It had defective transistors. It was only in production for three years. But this clunky gadget helped create hip-hop, modern R&B and techno, and permanently altered the face of pop and rock.

This graphically slick and absorbing look into the machine and those who made it sing launches from Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock, then soars through time and space. Narrated by Zane Lowe and featuring Questlove, Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams, Phil Collins, Todd Terry, Damon Albarn, Arthur Baker, Beastie Boys, Goldie and scores more, 808 reveals the colossal impact of one odd little box.

"A lovingly fascinating journey through the last 30-plus years worth of musical history." – Austin360