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"An inventive, heart-rending reflection on idealism gone awry … a visual feast." – Hollywood Reporter

January 1934, and a group of hopeful young intellectuals have travelled from Moscow to the far reaches of the Siberian tundra to bring the tribes that live there into the glorious family of the Soviet revolution. Initially greeted with bemusement, it's not long until the troupe's starry-eyed fervour triggers a full-blown uprising amongst those they were sent to save, and Stalin has no choice except to wipe them from the Earth.

Based on the tragic events of the Kazym Rebellion, Angels of Revolution is the latest salvo of unclassiafiable, black-laced historical whimsy from Russia's most distinctive auteur, Alexey Fedorchenko (Silent Souls, MIFF 2011). Revelling in the meta and the absurd – from puppet shows to satire to outrageous kitsch – Fedorchenko shines a light into the darkest recesses of Soviet history, unearthing stories both profound and familiar, and refusing to let us forget the shared sins of humanity's past.