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"Buckle up … The party movie of 2015 is here." – Bloody Disgusting

Visual effects powerhouse Jason Lei Howden (The Hobbit, Man of Steel, Prometheus) makes his feature directorial debut with this splatter-ridden horror/comedy tribute to the detuned malevolence of heavy metal and the gleeful gore of early Peter Jackson.

Brodie is an outcast metalhead until he meets his kindred spirit, Zakk. They start a band and stumble across sheet music that promises Ultimate Power to the player. Of course, they take the challenge but also summon an ancient evil in the process. Can they stop it from destroying humankind?

A splatter fix that never takes itself too seriously, Deathgasm‘s 200kph gore extravaganza recalls the heyday of horror with relish.

"A bloody, head-banging ball of fun, gore and soul-shaking music … fans of Braindead and Evil Dead will find a lot to love." – Film School Rejects

Jason Lei Howden is a festival guest.