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"With his own recollections of the man and his theories on his work, Thomsen builds a fascinating film around a fascinating man." – The Playlist

Rainer Werner Fassbinder (World on a Wire, MIFF 2010; Chinese Roulette, MIFF 2009) is one of the film world's most remarkable figures: an astonishingly prolific director remembered as much for his intense, often volatile persona as for the brilliance of his filmmaking.

Danish filmmaker Christian Braad Thomsen has followed Fassbinder since the early 1970s, recording candid, heretofore unseen interviews with the director and his collaborators along the way. In Fassbinder – To Love Without Demands, he pairs this footage with excerpts from the director's oeuvre, constructing an engrossing, insightful study into the psychology of one of cinema's greatest flawed geniuses.

"Thomsen … brings his friend back to sweaty life to expound on life, love, desire, and film-making. And can Fassbinder talk! Yet the prism of time, and the completely vanished period of German politics which shaped him, only serves to make Fassbinder more elusively fascinating than ever." – Screen International