Director Naji Abu Nowar / 2014 / Jordan,Qatar,UAE,UK

"A classic adventure film of the best kind, and one that's rarely seen these days." – Variety

Set against the breathtaking landscape of the Bedouin desert during World War I, Naji Abu Nowar's acclaimed debut feature is a distinctive coming-of-age adventure told with wonderful performances, richly evocative visuals and an almost ethereal soundtrack.

When his brother Hussein agrees to escort a British officer on a mysterious mission to Mecca, young Theeb ("wolf" in Arabic) tags along for the trek across a ravishing yet treacherous terrain, beset by bandits, mercenaries and the elements themselves.

A rousing yet intimate tale of brotherhood and survival framed like a vintage western, Theeb has been widely loved by critics and festival audiences alike, winning the Horizons Award for Best Director at the Venice Film Festival and the FIPRESCI Award for Best Narrative Film at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

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