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"Rodrigo Plá's short, taut woman-against-the-system thriller takes the medical insurance industry grippingly to task." – Variety

Awoken in the middle of the night by the collapsing Guillermo, Sonia is faced with an ultimatum: wage war on the company refusing to fund the expensive healthcare needed to save her husband's life, or watch him die. With her son Dario in tow, she embarks on a vengeful battle against bureaucracy, money-hungry CEOs and morally bankrupt doctors in an exposition of the corruption-riddled health industry, and the extreme measures one will take to save a loved one in a time of crisis.

Directed by the Uruguay-born, Mexico-based Rodrigo Plá (The Delay, MIFF 2012; The Desert Within, MIFF 2008), A Monster with a Thousand Heads draws on genre elements to make its caustically ironic point. A brisk, life-or-death race against the clock, it's a clever, increasingly high-stakes tale for anyone who's ever come up against the Kafkaesque nightmare of corporate indifference.

"A tense, sometimes bleakly comic drama of exasperation … grounded and lent empathy not only by a series of strong performances but by the script's point-of-view shifts." – Screen Daily