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A road movie and a riveting formal journey through the futuristic cityscapes of Hong Kong, told entirely from the perspective of passengers in a moving vehicle.

Chinese filmmaker Yang Zhengfan spent five years living in Hong Kong, where he felt like an outsider looking in on this bustling, futuristic megacity. For his second feature, Where Are You Going, the director captures this sense of personal dissonance in mesmerising formal detail.

Combining footage shot from within a taxi with the conversations of its unseen passengers, Yang creates a portrait of a city constantly in flux, refracting the hopes, dreams, fears and everyday dialogue of commuters, students and foreigners as they traverse the streets. Part road movie, part anthropological essay, it's a hypnotic, sometimes profound look at the social, economic and personal tapestry of modern-day Hong Kong.

"The concept is fascinating and riveting in a special way. You see nothing but the streets and other cars, and yet the film is full of humanity, of emotion." – The Art of Slow Cinema