Director Amit V Masurkar / 2017 / India

'A delightful, very funny, political satire on the precarious state of democracy.' – The Wire

Newton (Rajkummar Rao, MIFF 2012's Gangs of Wasseypur) has an important task, and one that he's taking as seriously as his scientific namesake. Placed in charge of a polling booth in the jungles of Chhattisgarh, he's determined to ensure that every last villager fulfils their electoral duty. That the locals don't care, that his superiors are more concerned with photo opportunities, and that the military is actively plotting against him is irrelevant. Collecting 76 votes has never been so important – or, for everyone around Newton, so infuriating.

Teeming with topical parallels to current world events and buoyed by a pitch-perfect turn by Rao as the titular stickler, Newton revels in black comedy as it takes audiences through the troubles that spring up when politics and principles collide.

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