Director Hong Sang-Soo / 2016 / South Korea

MIFF favourite Hong Sang-soo returns with a new take on his preoccupation with miscommunications between men and women.

Young-soo is already preoccupied with personal issues when he hears from a friend that his girlfriend, Minjung, was seen out drinking in the company of other men. When confronted by this, she vigorously denies the charge, and insists they spend some time apart. The next day, Minjung appears to have gone missing, but this doesn't stop Young-soo from seeing doubles of her all around town. Are Young-soo's insecurities manifesting in the form of these doppelgängers, is Minjung playing an elaborate prank, or is trying to find out what's real and what's not beside the point?

After the superb doubled narrative of Right Now, Wrong Then (MIFF 2016), Hong now presents a more linear story that nevertheless confounds his hapless hero with more doubles than he can handle, proving that while Hong's thematic concerns remain constant, he is a wonder at finding new and unexpected ways of exploring them.

'Another excellent film by Hong, at once harsh and hilarious, that squirms with delightful discomfort around a wonderfully perverse premise.' – MUBI Notebook

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