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A satirical, modern-day David-and-Goliath tale that presents a persuasive case for citizens’ responsibility to fight for the future.

Angered by the racketeering of his local government, middle-aged university professor David speaks out. He wants authorities to investigate the mayor; instead, they accuse him of embezzlement and swiftly place him under house arrest. But this just proves David’s point, and he’s not about to back down now. As press and social media interest in David’s case grows, so, too, does the state surveillance – and its heavy-handed, dodgy dealings.

With this acerbically witty Un Certain Regard selection, award-winning director Alexey German Jr (Under Electric Clouds, MIFF 2015) makes a scathingly potent comment about contemporary Russia – and, indeed, the world. The film, a passion project of German’s for many years, both draws inspiration from and pays homage to several of his country’s literary greats, primarily Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Griboyedov and Fyodor Dostoevsky. In telling this very 21st-century story of an individual standing his ground and defending his beliefs, German has crafted an emphatic rallying cry for our times.

“Incisive [and] nuanced … A timely critique.” – Hollywood Reporter