Train Again

Director Peter Tscherkassky / 2021 / Austria

Viewer advice: Contains stroboscopic imagery

Shorts maestro Peter Tscherkassky (The Exquisite Corpus, MIFF 2015) pays homage to avant-garde filmmaker Kurt Kren, his own film L’arrivée (MIFF 2011) and the cinema’s original muse in this Cannes Directors’ Fortnight selection.

Frenetic, fragmented, frenzied and sublime, Train Again rushes forth with an onslaught of black-and-white footage from cinema history and a soundscape simultaneously mechanical and orchestral. In the kinetic third instalment of his ‘Rushes Series’, the prolific filmmaker – whose work was celebrated across two extensive shorts collections at MIFF 2011 – pays tribute to his predecessors and his beloved artistic medium, while evidencing, once again, his masterful command of convention-breaking visual storytelling.

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