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A dutiful woman is struck with the dilemma of a lifetime when she uncovers a devastating secret from her husband's past.

Middle-aged Milena (Mirjana Karanovic) is a devoted wife and mother living in an upscale suburb in Belgrade. Her contented existence is upended when, in a short space of time, she's diagnosed with breast cancer and she discovers an old VHS tape that shows footage of her husband's involvement in war crimes. Suddenly, she must face the sobering twin realities of the cancer growing inside her body, and her husband's dark secret that begins festering like a sickness in a different way.

Karanovic not only plays the titular role, she also co-wrote the screenplay with Stevan Filipovic and Darko Lunglov (both filmmakers who have directed the actress before) and takes the director's chair for the first time. A human rights activist, Karanovic brings genuine warmth, insight and touches of gentle humour to the film – both in front of and behind the camera. It results in a subtle and intimate character study that's both courageous and compassionate.

"Karanovic's quiet intelligence and innate humanity have been an asset in many of her roles and her debut in the director's chair displays similar qualities." – Hollywood Reporter