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NOWHERE BOYS (Daina Reid, 2013)
"Everybody who knows us has forgotten us." ... When four very different teenage boys get lost in the forest, it seems like a small misadventure, making an already tiresome school excursion even worse… Read more

ON THE SLY (MA15+) (Olivier Ringer, 2011)
In a not-so far away land, not-so long ago, lived an ordinary little girl called Cathy... ... Suspecting she is invisible to her parents, six-year-old Cathy decides to test the theory by disappearing… Read more

ONLY THE YOUNG (Elizabeth Mims, Jason Tippet, 2012)
Friendship, first love and faith plus homelessness is showcased in this special coming-of-age documentary. ... Best friends Kevin and Garrison spend their days skating and listening to punk music, se… Read more

PARANORMAN (Chris Butler, Sam Fell, 2012)
“You don't become a hero by being normal.” ... When zombies overtake a small town, only the misunderstood young boy Norman (voiced by Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee) has the ability to speak t… Read more

PATTY S CATCHUP (Tina von Traben, 2012)
A David versus Goliath family battle of amusing and entertaining proportions. ... In Tina von Traben's feature debut, smart, ambitious Patty dreams of abandoning her mother's struggling sausage stand… Read more

PERSEPOLIS (M) (Marjane satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud, 2007)
“Any stragglers still unconvinced that animation can be an exciting medium for both adults and kids alike will run out of arguments in the face of Persepolis.” - VarietyAn engaging animated tale … Read more

RED LIKE THE SKY (Cristiano Bortone, 2006)
“You'll grow up, and by that time you'll have outgrown everything about this place.” ... Inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, one of Italy's most gifted sound editors, Red Like the Sky f… Read more

SKIRT DAY (Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, 2008)
Actress Isabelle Adjani (Queen Margot) spearheads this edge-of-the-seat tale of a teacher spontaneously taking her classroom hostage. ... Sonia is in over her head, struggling to teach theatre to unr… Read more

SON OF RAMBOW (PG) (Garth Jennings, 2007)
“If you only see one Rambo movie this year, make sure it's this one.” - EmpireTrapped in 80s English suburbia, 11-year-old Will lives with his widowed mother, a devoted member of the Plymouth Bre… Read more

SUBSTITUTE, THE (Ole Bornedal, 2007)
Say goodbye to your last day on Earth.What's the one quality humans have that aliens don't? Empathy, of course - the lack of which has led to endless wars raging across alien worlds. Now Ulla, one of… Read more

TALES OF THE NIGHT (Michel Ocelot, 2011)
French master of animation Michel Ocelot (Azur and Asmar, MIFF 2007) presents a fantastical and entrancing series of six fairytales, lovingly animated in silhouetted 3D. ... Every night a young actor… Read more

TEKKONKINKREET (Michael Arias, 2006)
“Strained metaphysics dovetail with urban and architectural nostalgia in [this] exquisitely realized, minutely detailed Japanese anime.” - Variety Adapted from the popular work of manga artist T… Read more

THE DREAMER (Riri Riza, 2009)
“I may not know where I'm going, but I'll always know where to come home to.” ... The follow-up to one of Indonesia's most celebrated box office hits, 2008's The Rainbow Troops, The Dreamers is a… Read more

THE LIVERPOOL GOALIE (Arild Andresen, 2010)
A Scandinavian coming-of-age comedy about the hardest lesson of high school - learning to take a risk. ... Twelve-year-old Jo is terrified of all the usual stuff: bullies, soccer practice, girls, cro… Read more

THE MATCHMAKER (Avi Nesher, 2010)
A lively coming-of-age story set in 1968, when the West's 'summer of love' finally spilled into conservative Israel. ... An avid reader of crime fiction, 16-year-old Arik can't believe his luck when … Read more

THE MIRROR NEVER LIES (Kamila Andini, 2011)
“Lyrically evokes a way of life organically coexisting with the ocean.” - Hollywood Reporter ... Pakis is a 12-year-old Bajo - an Indonesian ethnic group who live off the sea in wooden houses on … Read more

THE UGLY DUCKLING (Garri Bardin, 2010)
The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale gets a glorious stop-motion makeover at the hands of legendary Russian animator Garri Bardin. ... In a farmyard populated with roosters, hens, ducks and geese… Read more

TOUCH OF THE LIGHT (Chang Jung-chi, 2012)
"Music, dance and a gentle dash of romance are the crowdpleasing ingredients of Touch of the Light." – Variety ... In the heart of modern Taiwan, two young artists find themselves cast adr… Read more

TRIPLE DARE (Christina Rosendahl, 2006)
A widely acclaimed teen drama that blitzed the Danish box office and took out the Best Children/Family Film award at the Robert Festival in Denmark. Sick and tired of being treated as juniors at the… Read more

U (Gregoire Solotareff, Serge Elissalde, 2006)
“Animated beasties, both cool and cranky.” - Variety This colourful bedtime story introduces us to Princess Mona, an orphan who lives in a castle with two ghastly characters. One day, her sobs … Read more

UGLY DUCKLING AND ME, THE (Michael Hegner, Karsten Kiilerich, 2006)
A ripsnorter that becomes hilarious in its modern context. Taking cues from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of a similar name, this 3D, animated comedy goes about updating the premise of an u… Read more

Veteran director Zhang Yimou (Raise the Red Lantern, Not One Less) brings us a story of youthful passion amid the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution of 1970s China. ... With her father a political pr… Read more

VALENTINE ROAD (Marta Cunningham, 2013)
"[A] stirring, pro-tolerance documentary." – Hollywood Reporter ... "He was solving a problem." That's how one juror describes the actions of Brandon McInerney, a 14-year-old from Oxnard, … Read more

VASERMIL (Mushon Salmona, 2007)
“A courageous representation of a conflicted human reality, full of pain, hatred and ethnic tensions.” - Jerusalem Film Festival Jury ... Growing up on the tough streets of Be'er Sheva in souther… Read more

VITUS (Fredi Murer, 2006)
A multiple award-winner, as well as short-listed for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. Vitus not only plays the piano like a virtuoso, he possesses ultra-sonic hearing and a propens… Read more

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