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When the Moon Falls (Stephen Mackerras, 1985)
A surrealist allegorical fable (from Oueensland?!) dealing with the Increasing gap between rich and poor and the wall of illusions that rich men hide behind. The influence of Samuel Beckett is appare… Read more

White Christmas (Michael Magnaye, 1994)
When Bing Crosby sang "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas", he wasn't dreaming of the kind of White Christmas portrayed in this film. White Christmas is a fascinating look at Christmas - American-styl… Read more

WHITE LIGHTNIN' (Dominic Murphy, 2009)
"A white-trash psychobilly nightmare with midnight movie appeal." - Vanity Fair ... From a script penned by Vice Magazine founders Eddy Moretti and Shane Smith comes White Lightnin', a larger-than-li… Read more

White Noise (Michelle Mahrer, 1982)
An experimental film. ... Read more

Who Do You Love' (Jim McRoberts, )
Heather wakes up hungry, but her mum has the shakes. While finding something to eat and money to feed her mum's habit, Heather pays an unexpected price. Taut and genuinely shocking, [Who Do You Love'… Read more

WHO THE HELL IS JULIETTE? (Carlos Marcovich, 1997)
Juliette is a lively, streetwise and pretty Cuban teenager residing in Havana. She was orphaned after her mother's suicide and father's flight to the US. Juliette, despite the fact that the reverse i… Read more

Who's That Fat Bitch in the Corner? (Christoph Dreher, Ellen El Malki, )
A montage from four different perspectives of a group of musicians working in a claustrophobic situation. ... Read more

Whole Heart (Tracie Mitchell, )
A woman waits at a bus stop, ready to move on with her life. But first she must let go of all that holds her back. The story of a woman caught between her past and her future, [Whole Heart] stars sta… Read more

Why So Many Soldiers? (Samia Mikhail, 1992)
A journalist is sitting alone in a cafe in Beirut waiting for his friends to come back. He remains alone and imagines the life that could grow again among the ruins of the city. ... Read more

WILDNESS (Scott Millwood, 2003)
Olegas Truchanas and Peter Dombrovskis were two of Australia's greatest wilderness photographers. Their work became synonymous with campaigns to protect Tasmania's natural heritage, campaigns that ch… Read more

Will The Great Barrier Reef Cure Claude Clough? (John Milson, 1967)
An off-beat, tourist promotion film, extolling the attractions of the Great Barrier Reef. ... Bronze Award, Jedda Award, Australian Film Awards. ... Read more

WILLOW TREE, THE (Majid Majidi, 2005)
Beautiful in its simplicity and unfolding visual poetry, Academy Award nominee Majid Majidi's morality tale, The Willow Tree, challenges us to wrestle with our most primal fears and visceral desires.… Read more

WIN (Claire Mussell, 1976)
The second part of a trilogy by Claire ... Mussell about her own family, is a portrait of her mother, Win, a woman of 57, who has been blind since her twenties. ... In spite of her handicap, Win trie… Read more

WINDOW TO PARIS (Yuri Mamin, 1993)
... ... An intelligent, zany fantasy, as whimsical and light as air, Window to Paris nonetheless falls squarely into a whole new genre of Russian film—the comedy of capitalism. ... ... ... Like… Read more

Winning (David Morgan, 1980)
Winning is about two mentally handicapped people who decide to get married Each small step we would take in solving our problems and coping with life is a major step for them Life is no bed of roses … Read more

Winter's Harvest / Raccolto D'Inverno (Brian McKenzie, 1980)
A documentary account of a community of italian families who have made an interesting combination of Southern Italian provincial customs and Western consumer culture. The events symbolising this are,… Read more

WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP (James Marsh, 1999)
In the last decade of the 1800s the town of Black Falls, Wisconsin, suffered some very, very bad times. As if a curse had been invoked against the inhabitants of this idyllic rural community, murder,… Read more

Wallace is a taxi driver who lives in a small flat in a Melbourne bayside suburb. With the aid of a micro-recorder, he tapes the stories passengers tell him in the cab. Their willingness to discuss t… Read more

wolf creek (Greg McLean, 2004)
Australia has made a name for itself since the 1960s for mysterious disappearances on its remote stretches of bitumen. And backpackers have often been at the centre of these chilling episodes. Based … Read more

Wool's A Natural (Gus McLaren, 1960)
Rover's Kennel catches fire, much to the lamb's concern, but mother sheep comes to the rescue. ... Read more

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD (Jean-Marc Moutout, 2004)
Work Hard, Play Hard (Violence des échanges en Milieu Tempéré) France'Philippe Seigner is 25, with a promising career ahead of him. Having just graduated, he arrives in Paris from his provincial h… Read more

WORKSHOP, THE (Jamie Morgan, )
“I learned and lived more in the last seven days than in the last seven years... nothing will ever be the same again. I can't go back... my life begins now!” - documentary maker Jamie Morgan Pe… Read more

WR - MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (Dušan Makavejev , 1971)
Director Dusan Makavejev has described this film both as a guerilla exercise and as a "Dream Machine for Self-confrontation". ... The film is divided into two main sections. The first intersperses a … Read more

WR: MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM (R) (Dušan Makavejev, 1971)
“Maybe it is like a mirror. People hold it up to themselves and see reflected only what they are most offended by.” - filmmaker Dusan MakavejevWhat does the energy harnessed through orgasm have t… Read more

If nothing else, this is an essay in charisma.” - Hollywood Reporter Tony Kushner is a Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning playwright. Wrestling With Angels tells of his relentlessly creative spirit a… Read more

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