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Foutaises (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1989)
Jean-Pierre Jeunet created a gem of a film that was so successful that it became an inspiration for the opening scenes of Amelie. In it, their muse Dominic Pinon plays a young man who makes an invent… Read more

FREEDOM IS PARADISE (Sergei Bodrow, 1989)
LIKE MANY of the Gorbachev era films, Freedom is Paradise poses some trenchant social criticism, but what distinguishes it from many others is the quiet power of its emotional identification with the… Read more

Garbage (Lorenzo Regaiado, 1989)
Regaiado's surprisingly direct attack on the abuse of power and privilege by Cuba's bourgeouise is one of several similar films coming from young Cuban filmmakers. - (TB) ... Read more

GEORGE'S ISLAND (Paul Donovan, 1989)
Inspired by ghost stories of Nova Scotia, this is the tale of George, an orphan, who lives with his grandfather, a grumpy and sometimes tipsy old sea captain, who dreams of discovering hidden treasur… Read more

Gizelle Kerozine (Jan Kounen, 1989)
Pixillated witches on broomsticks run riot in a futuristic city. ... Read more

Going Equipped (Peter Lord, 1989)
An interview with an articulate ex-con, who speaks with a good deal of humour about his crim past. Made for the Lip Synch series. ... Read more

Goodbye Federico (Patricia V. Tassinari, 1989)
This funny, fantastical personal fable traces a woman's relationship with Italian film director Federico Fellini and her desire to change her life. The film tells the real and imagined tale of Eileen… Read more

Green Advertising (, 1989)
A look at the genesis of a new Friends of the Earth advertisment. Do shock tactics work for environmental groups? How are advertising companies working alongside the environmentalists? ... Read more

HALF THE KINGDOM (Francine E. Zuckerman, Roushell N. Goldstein, 1989)
"Is being Jewish and a feminist mutually exclusive?" asks Francine Zuckerman, co-director of this thought-provoking and engrossing enquiry into the role of women in the patriarchal traditions of Juda… Read more

Hawking (, 1989)
The Media Show goes on location with the making of the film version of A Brief History Of Time, Stephen Hawking's best-seller about the origins of the universe. Directed by Errol Morris (Thin Blue Li… Read more

He Was Once (Mary Hestand, 1989)
"Uh oh - Davey's talking to the dog again." Davey sees a bear on the way home from the movies. Dave's dad spanks him for telling tales. Only Goliath, the headless doggy-footstool with exceptional tal… Read more

Hen, His Life (Igor Kovalyov, 1989)
Extraordinarily detailed and beautifully drawn animation of a bizarre and surreal world; the domestic life of a fatman, his wife, a sort of oversized obese chicken and their child/pet, a slug-like cr… Read more

Hen, His Wife (Igor Kovalyov, 1989)
Extaordinarily detailed and beautifully drawn animation of a bizarre and surreal world; the domestic life of a fat man, his wife, a sort of oversized obese chicken, and their child/pet, a slug-like c… Read more

Holding Margie's Hand (Jill Goodman, 1989)
Holding Margie's Hand is an intimate, comic look at the expectations and disappointments of friendship. What really goes on when two girls hang out? La La drops in unexpectedly on her friend, Margie.… Read more

HOMEWORK (Abbas Kiarostami, 1989)
Shot in 1987, at the height of the Iran-Iraq war, Homework is an extraordinary snapshot of an Iranian primary school and the children who know the meaning of the word 'punishment' but few have heard … Read more

Hong Kong (, 1989)
In the run-up to the hand-over of Hong Kong (the last British colony) to China, The Media Show examines political censorship of the media by the Hong Kong government. ... Read more

I WENT TO THE DANCE (Les Blank, Chris Strachwitz, 1989)
Several films have been made on , the infectious Cajun and Zydeco music of South West Louisiana (including Spend It All, Hot Pepper and Dry Wood by Les Blank), but until now, none has tackled the tas… Read more

I'm British, But... (Gurinder Chadha, 1989)
Pump up the Bhangra! Using Bhangra music and the testimonies of sons and daughters of Asian Brits, the film uncovers a defiant popular culture - a synthesis - part Asian, part British. ... "We cannot… Read more

Ident (Richard Goleszowski, 1989)
There are no individual identities amongst the mirrors and mazes of this futuristic world. Made for the Lip Synch series. ... Read more

IN FADING LIGHT (Amber Production Team, 1989)
BASED IN NEWCASTLE, Amber is a unique collective involved m film and photographic projects aimed at documenting the lives of working-class people in Britain's North East Their work has traditionally … Read more

In the Shadow of the Chimney (Anne Bourke, 1989)
Is a chemical bomb ticking away in the inner-west? Could Footscray become our very own Bhopal? In The Shadow Of The Chimney examines the interaction of residents and potentially hazardous industries … Read more

IT (Sergei Owtscharow, 1989)
IN 1870, Michail Saltykow, under the pseudonym N. Schtschednn, wrote The Story of a City, a biting allegory on the history of Russia and its rulers Out of this historical source material, Serge; Owts… Read more

An emotional portrait, a social critique and a passionate and eloquent plea for human equality, this documentary tells James Baldwin's story in his own words. Using interviews from many of Baldwin's … Read more

JESUS OF MONTREAL (Denys Arcand, 1989)
JESUS OF MONTREAL is the eagerly anticipated new film by Denys Arcand, the gifted director of the hugely successful The Decline Of The American Empire. At last year's Cannes Film Festival, Jesus of M… Read more

Jolicoeur Touriste (Louise Bourque, 1989)
"My concern for poetic expression is reflected in this project throughout the different aspects of production." - Louise Bourgue ... Read more

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