Director Mohara Yuji / 1999 / Japan

A Week with Kiarostami is the perfect companion piece to Abbas Kiarostami's The Wind Will Carry Us (showing in MIFF this year), as it documents the making of that award-winning film.

"A team led by the Japanese director Yuji Mohara travelled to Iran to film a portrait of Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami. Mohara meets Kiarostami in a village, on the set of Kiarostami's film The Wind Will Carry Us, which won the special jury price in Venice in 1999. A photographic diary of the shoot, A Week with Kiarostami opens a window onto the world of this poetic and mysterious director. Seven days that allow us to discover this corner of Iran and the way in which Kiarostami dreams it; seven chronicles that plunge us into the beating heart of a shoot whose story plays out to the rhythm of the relationships between actors and villagers."—Rotterdam Film Festival

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