MIFF 2003

James Hewison

Welcome to the 52nd edition of the Melbourne International Film Festival. I promise that your senses will be stimulated as we traverse the myriad of cinema cultures and their filmmakers: from the delirious Canadian visionary Guy Maddin to new voices from Japan in Brain Monkey Sushi. The Festival is truly a 'World Citizen'.

It is timely that master Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami will travel from Tehran to Melbourne to present this year's centrepiece selection of his profoundly humanist work.

The MIFF 2003 programme peers beyond the glitter of the Bollywood behemoth, traces the arc of Asian martial arts films into recent Western mainstream acceptance and reveals the 'frissons' of challenging new French cinema.  

Pivotal to this Festival is Australian film and the yields this year are as rich as they are diverse. Whether watching new work from Varda, Panahi and Haneke or revelations by newcomers Barmak, Li and Saville, we see that the people in these films are not much different from us.

My thanks to the dedicated Festival staff. I'd like to acknowledge the contribution of the MIFF Chair and Board, MIFF members and supporters, including the film community, sponsors and of course particularly filmmakers themselves.

James Hewison
Executive Director

Introduction taken from the 2003 official guide

Festival Program
215 feature films and 124 short films were screened from 23 July to 10 August
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Program in Focus
The 52nd MIFF program's curatorial umbrellas include International Panorama, New Russian Cinema, Uncompromising French Film, Martial Arts in Focus, Discoveries from India, Music on Film, Raw Japanese Cinema and Asian films in Regional Focus. Emergence: The Latest Generation of Women Filmmakers from the East included films from Israel, Iran, South Korea and China. A series of forums, panels, lectures and Q&A sessions took place. Mach 03, a program designed as a youth entry point into MIFF, boasted high-energy, raw and street-savvy features, documentaries and exclusive live events. 

Filmmaker in Focus
Abbas Kiarostami. A retrospective of the filmmaker's work was screened. 
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Opening Night Film
Japanese Story (Sue Brooks, 2003)
Harvie Krumpet (Adam Elliot)

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MIFF 2003


Ka la shi tiao gou
Director Lu Xuechang
MIFF 2003


Talaye Sorgh
MIFF 2003


Die Golden Zitronen
MIFF 2003


Gokudo Kyofu Daigekijo: Gozu
MIFF 2003
MIFF 2003
MIFF 2003


Jiguereul jikyeora!
MIFF 2003


Ich Kenn Keinen: Allein Unter Heteros
Director Jochen Hick
MIFF 2003


Le Temps du Loup
MIFF 2003
MIFF 2003

From the Festival Files

You Had to Be There

The thrill of the festival happens in a moment. In the shared moments created in being present at the festival, and in sharing experiences with others in the MIFF community. These moments are the instances that set the festival apart from the everyday, that remind us that we live in the present, and that some experiences are just too unique to replicate. … Each year, we return to the festival to …

The Living Festival

What would a festival be without its audience? There wouldn’t be a festival at all! … People are the beating heart of MIFF. It was the coming together of some 800 people in Olinda in 1952 that gave birth to the Melbourne Film Festival. Since that unanticipated outpouring of community love for film, MIFF has become an annual gathering space for film enthusiasts and the cine-curious from Melbourne …