Volunteer FAQs


You will need to complete the Volunteer Application Form by 11.59pm on Thursday 16 June 2022. This form is for all applicants, including those who have volunteered at MIFF before.

As part of this application, you are required to:

    • upload proof of at least two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or valid medical exemption
    • read the MIFF Volunteer Terms of Engagement (available in PDF or DOCX format) and accept these terms before submitting your online application.

    If you have any questions about the application process or have any issues completing the application form, please contact volunteers@miff.com.au.

    Volunteer applications close at 11.59pm on Thursday 16 June 2022. Group interviews for successful candidates will be conducted in the week commencing Monday 20 June, so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

    Please note that, for new volunteers, not attending a group interview may adversely impact your application.

    If you are seeking to apply after Thursday 16 June, please contact volunteers@miff.com.au.

    As a volunteer, you must be 18 years of age or over and have received at least two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or have a valid medical exemption. You will be required to complete six (6) shifts across the festival’s in-cinema delivery dates (4–21 August). Most shifts are approximately four to five hours, so the total commitment throughout the festival is approximately 25 hours. A minimum availability of 12 shifts is required (even though you must only complete six shifts). Applicants with good and flexible availability will be given preference.

    You will also be required to attend the Volunteer Induction day on Saturday 30 July.

    Volunteering at MIFF requires:

    • that you be at least 18 years of age
    • that you have received at least two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine or have a valid medical exemption
    • energy and enthusiasm for MIFF and the MIFF program
    • the ability to communicate with the general public in a friendly and professional manner
    • an aptitude for completing tasks calmly and efficiently in very busy environments
    • punctuality
    • a willingness to follow directions and collaborate as part of a team
    • fluency in English
    • a commitment to making the festival a fantastic experience for the public, guests and staff

    MIFF is committed to an inclusive volunteer team and welcomes applications from everyone. We especially encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, culturally diverse people as well as those living with disability. If you require any more information about the specific tasks and/or the inherent physical requirements of a MIFF volunteer or any assistance with the application process, please feel free to contact volunteers@miff.com.au.

    After submitting your online application form, you will be redirected to a message confirming that we have received your application. Receiving this message does not mean you have successfully been chosen as a MIFF volunteer; it simply confirms that your application has been received. If you have further enquiries about your application or wish to change any details within it, please email volunteers@miff.com.au.

    Applicants may be asked to attend a group interview in the week commencing Monday 20 June alongside other prospective volunteers and the Volunteers Manager. Please make sure that you have a valid email address, and that you save ‘@miff.com.au’ as a safe email server so our correspondence does not go into your ‘Junk’ folder. Applicants who are available to attend both a group interview and the Volunteer Induction day will be prioritised – dates for these are listed in the application form.

    Following these interviews, MIFF will be in contact to inform you if you have been successful with your application.

    Please be aware that we receive a very large volume of applications each year – more than the positions we have to fill. If you are unsuccessful, we encourage you to apply again in the future and thank you for your interest!

    During the Festival

    You must have availability for a minimum of 12 shifts across the festival period to be eligible to volunteer at MIFF. The minimum number of shifts you must complete as a volunteer is six (6) across the festival.

    MIFF uses an online rostering system called Deputy, which makes rostering easy and user-friendly for everybody. If successful, you will be asked to submit your availabilities for the festival period at a later date. If, at any point, your availability changes and you are no longer able to commit to a minimum of six (6) shifts, please contact volunteers@miff.com.au to discuss with the Volunteers Manager as you may no longer be eligible to volunteer at the festival.

    If you are successful with your application, the Volunteers Manager will email you the roster in July. If you need to make any changes (due to work, study, travel commitments, etc.), you can request them from the Volunteers Manager after you receive your roster.

    The average shift is approximately four (4) to five (5) hours.

    You will be required to use a smartphone device to sign in using the Deputy app for each of your shifts. As part of this sign-in process, you will need to submit a short health questionnaire to confirm you are not currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and have not been required to isolate.

    Signing in through Deputy is important to confirm you have attended and completed your shifts, as this information is used to determine your eligibility for the MIFF Membership once you’ve completed 10 shifts.

    If you have any issues accessing a smartphone device, please email volunteers@miff.com.au or note this in your application.

    The 350+ volunteers engaged for MIFF each year carry out their duties at the festival-managed cinema and event venues across Melbourne. Volunteers are generally engaged in customer-service roles such as ushers, ticket scanners, queue managers and information guides, as well as in other venue-support roles.

    The volunteer position description (available in PDF or DOCX format) will give you a good overview of the kinds of tasks and duties assigned to MIFF’s volunteers.

    We want volunteering for MIFF to be as fun and as safe as possible!

    This year, MIFF will continue to operate within the parameters of a COVID-safe plan and regulations. All MIFF staff and volunteers will:

    • provide proof of having received at least two doses of an an approved COVID-19 vaccine or have a valid medical exemption
    • maintain social distancing where possible
    • be required to wear a fitted face mask while on shift
    • maintain good personal hygiene

    If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering at MIFF this year, please email volunteers@miff.com.au.

    You will receive a branded MIFF 2022 volunteer T-shirt and Volunteer Pass to wear while you are on shift. This is your uniform and it is mandatory to wear it at all times during your volunteer shifts. Please only wear your uniform when you are on shift, and please ensure your volunteer T-shirt is not visible while travelling to and from venues and while on break. You must not consume alcohol or smoke while wearing your volunteer T-shirt.

    Other than your volunteer T-shirt, you should present yourself in a professional, neat and tidy manner. You must wear closed-toe shoes. You may be required to undertake tasks outside at times, too, so please ensure you bring something warm to wear underneath your T-shirt.

    While we cannot guarantee that you will be able to watch a film on every shift that you are rostered on for, MIFF Ushers and Venue Coordinators will do their best to ensure that volunteers who have expressed interest in watching a particular film during their shift will be given the opportunity to do so once all their volunteer duties have been fulfilled. These duties can include queue management, providing information to patrons, ensuring that all tickets are scanned for the current session (including latecomers) and assisting latecomers to find seats inside the cinema.

    If you are permitted to watch the film during your shift, you must continue to keep an eye on both the film and the audience, and alert the Usher or Venue Coordinator to any issues immediately. Please follow the instructions provided by either or both staff member/s while on shift and understand that it will not always be possible for you to watch films while on duty.

    MIFF does not provide volunteer meals. All volunteers must arrange their own meals.

    Any costs associated with transport to and from MIFF shifts are the responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed.

    The Volunteer Induction day on Saturday 30 July is a chance for you to:

    • meet your fellow volunteers
    • receive your MIFF 2022 T-shirt and lanyard
    • find out about important MIFF policies and procedures
    • gain a better understanding of your duties as a volunteer
    • receive some very special volunteer perks!

    As the Volunteer Induction day is such a crucial part of being a volunteer and provides very important training, applicants who are available to attend it will be prioritised. Details about the Volunteer Induction day (including the date) are provided in the application form.

    As a MIFF 2022 volunteer, you will enjoy:

    • An official MIFF 2022 T-shirt
    • An official MIFF 2022 festival identification pass
    • Four single-session admit-one tickets on the Volunteer Induction day and one single-session admit-one ticket allocated at the end of each completed shift. These admit-ones will be valid for in-cinema sessions for the 2022 festival only. Admit-ones are not linked to individual volunteers; this means that you can use multiple single-session admit-ones to attend films with friends or family, rather than being limited to attending films by yourself or with a paying companion. This also means that, if you complete more than the required six shifts, you will receive more admit-ones and have an opportunity to see more films!
    • After attending and completing 10 shifts within the 2022 festival’s in-cinema dates (4–21 August), you will be offered a complimentary MIFF Membership valid for 12 months from the date of issue and two single-session codes to access two MIFF Play (digital) film streams. This conditional benefit is valid for the 2022 festival only and subject to change.
    • Entry to the MIFF End-of-Festival Party
    • Discounts on food and beverages from selected festival partners
    • Entry to the Volunteer Secret Screenings (announced in the volunteer newsletters)

    By being involved with the festival, you will also get a chance to meet lots of new people, make new friends and learn new skills in a creative, fun environment.

    Plus, if you are interested in working in the film or events industries, it’s a fantastic way to be a part of a world-renowned festival, and a great way to get a foot in the door. Many people who previously or currently work with MIFF started out as volunteers!