This page details services relating to equity and inclusion available at MIFF venues and in MIFF sessions.

   Crybaby access symbol        Crybaby Sessions

MIFF is offering selected Crybaby Sessions this year, catering for parents and carers with babies and toddlers who wish to enjoy the festival in a bub-friendly environment. Crybaby Sessions will run in the morning; cinema sound will be at a reduced level to allow for a more relaxed environment for bubs and the house lights will remain at a dimmed level throughout the film. Breastfeeding is welcome in the cinema space and parents and children alike will be able to move about the space during the film.

Please note: As there is limited space in each cinema, pram parking will be available in the foyer or another designated space within the venue under staff supervision, and bubs will need to be carried into the cinema space.

The following sessions will run as a Crybaby Session:

8 August, 10am, Kino 1 (CBD)

Tickets for audience members aged under five (5) are free when attending a Crybaby Session. When booking online, please select the Under 5s ticket type when purchasing for this session if your infant/child requires a seat. Please see How to Book Your Ticket to ensure MIFF can provide the best service.

MIFF Play logo      MIFF Play

MIFF Play offers an alternative to in-cinema sessions for select films and allows viewers to enjoy quality film experiences at home. Select access services are available for films screening on MIFF Play.