MIFF Volunteers

MIFF's wonderful volunteers are a class of their own: dedicated, enthusiastic and all round fabulous.

We love our volunteers, and it's no exaggeration to say that there simply would be no MIFF without them! From queue control and ticket scanning and being the friendly face of the festival, our volunteers make the MIFF magic happen, year after year.

From all of us at MIFF HQ, we thank you dear Vollies, for all your amazing hard work.

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What previous MIFF Volunteers have said about their experience:

“You always learn a new skill of some sort, or hone an existing skill which can be used in the workforce, or life in general.”

“Helped to improve communication skills. Particularly the skill of being friendly yet authoritative.”

“Definitely sharpened up my customer service skills.”

“This was a great Festival! Would be very happy to do it again.”

“MIFF certainly makes Vollies feel appreciated – so thank you!”

“Please let me volunteer again for next year!!”

“As it was my first time volunteering at MIFF, I found everything to be really well organised. From initial interviews, to daily bulletins, free passes and positive feedback from other vollies, etc, all went really well.”

“Volunteering gives me the opportunity to build skills in managing crowds professionally but in a fairly safe environment. Also I get the opportunity to see what takes place in putting together an event like this.”