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A short story by the dramatist Bertolt Brecht marks the directorial debut of René Allio, the well-known painter and set designer who has previously made a number of shorts. The film is about an old … Read more

The Unicorn Mystery (J. C. See, Arcady, 1954)
The six famous tapestries of "The Lady and the Unicorn" are kept at the Cluny Museum of Paris, and while they are held to be masterpieces of French art, their meaning is a mystery. ... Read more

The Victor (Derek Hayes, Phil Austin, 1985)
Jimmy Mullen tries to desert from the army but finds himself In the middle of a violent nightmare. Is this a punishment or a horrific military experiment? ... Read more

The Visitor (Paul Andersen, 2007)
A lonely woman who lives with her daughter in disconnected silence sews herself a new man from discarded rags. His presence exacerbates tension in the mother-daughter relationship. An unconventional … Read more

Peter Nicholls is an unconventional man who has led an extraordinary life. For 50 years he has been personally and professionally devoted to science fiction. This doco explores Nicholls' life-long pa… Read more

The White Bus (Lindsay Anderson, 1966)
A Woodfall Films project, Red, White and Zero, was recently abandoned. It was to have been a trilogy with three directors. Now each episode is to be released separately. Lindsay Anderson's contributi… Read more

THE WHITE ROOM (Metodi Andonov, 1968)
Synopsis not available Read more

THINGS BEHIND THE SUN (Allison Anders, 2000)
In 1992, Gas Food Lodging placed US Allison Anders on the world map as one of the strongest US independent filmmakers. With this, her sixth feature - between directing Sex and the City - she addresse… Read more

This is Not Living (Alia Arasoughly, 2001)
Shot under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions, this film features portraits of eight Palestinian women from different social and religious backgrounds. Exploring their lived realities, it s… Read more

Thread of Voice (Arf Arf, 1993)
Four Melbourne artists and filmmakers known as Arf Arf have made a truly original film based on their work in sound poetry and visual gesticulation using a variety of experimental film techniques, th… Read more

THREE FUGITIVES (Nya' Abbas Acup, 1957)
Written and Directed by Nya' Abbas Acup, who was to become Indonesia's most famous director of comedies, this Indonesian spoof of the American western—complete with main street dominated by a v… Read more

THREE WOMEN (Robert Altman, 1977)
Robert Altman based the story of Three Women on a dream he had, ... and the film, the central theme of which is psychological dependency, retains certain elements of dreamlike elusiveness. ... The se… Read more

Thursday's Children (Lindsay Anderson, 1954)
Synopsis not available Read more

TINTIN AND I (Anders Høgsbro Østergaard, 2004)
Tintin and I (Tintin et moi) DenmarkOver several days in October 1971, the reclusive Hergé, creator of the Tintin comics, granted a rare and extremely candid interview to a young journalist. That re… Read more

To Fetch a Bike- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
Beautiful black and white photography captures a brief moment with a young couple almost paralysed by ennui. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish Film Institute L Swedish w/E… Read more

Trainspotter (Jeff Newitt, Neville Astley, 1996)
Sound and pacing are crucial to this claymation film which documents the wet, lonely stand of a solitary enthusiast, trying to "spot" the numbers of trains as they speed by. ... The film presents viv… Read more

Transfigured (Stephen Arthur, 1998)
Paintings by Jack Shadbolt inspired by nature and American West Coast aboriginal art are animated, using computer technology, into a seamless, morphing flow of images. This homage to Shadbolt's work … Read more

TREE OF DESIRES (T. Abuladze, 1976)
This film is based on an autobiographical story by Georgi Leonidze, one of the founders of Soviet Georgian literature. Farmers and shepherds live in a nameless village on the banks of a river that dr… Read more

TRUMBO (Peter Askin, 2007)
“He was probably the best writer of that time.” - Kirk Douglas ... Blacklisted during the 40s and 50s, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo was among the first victims of the anti-Communist fear mongering … Read more

TWILIGHT CITY (Reece Auguiste, 1989)
... ... This is another richly evocative work from the Black Audio Film Collective in the UK The collective's earlier work has been screened at previous festivals in the context of the British film a… Read more

TWILIGHT CITY (Reece Auguiste, 1989)
... ... Twilight City won the MFF's Grand Prix for Best Short Film in 1989. Due to airline delays, however, the print was never screened (only a video was available), making this a much-welcomed addi… Read more

Twilights (Tengai Amano, 1994)
A true cinema of surrealism is often alluded to but is now rarely practised-Twilights genuinely returns to the film strategies of early Hans Richter and Luis Bunuel and reiterates Andre Breton's surr… Read more

Two Men (Dominic Allen, 2009)
When a man is sitting down having a rest and sees another man running towards him… well, what do you do? ... --- D/S Dominic Allen P Dominic Allen, Mattoe Bruno WS Valarc Films L English, Creo… Read more

ULYSSES' GAZE (Theo Angelopoulos, 1995)
A response, both to the 1995 centenary of cin­ema, and to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, Angelopoulos' most recent film (which earned him the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes) describes the jou… Read more

Under the Weather (Lyn Ashby, 1993)
Clever photographic animation and nice timing lift this stop-motion film above the ordinary. Life becomes interesting for the hero when the weather becomes more than just a map in the newspaper or so… Read more

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