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UNDERGROUND (Emile de Antonio, 1975)
Underground, made by three film-makers, producer Emile de Antonio, editor Mary Lampson, and cinematographer Haskell Wexler, has been described as 'an anthology of the left'. It includes interviews wi… Read more

“I'd always been told that I was born before my time. Oh, surely to God, the times can just catch up.” - Florence Broadhurst In this spirited and highly original documentary, acclaimed director G… Read more

The bete-noire of current revolutionaries has become not so much the conservative or the reactionary, but the liberal—in particular the academic intellectual who appears only to be paying lip s… Read more

Visiting One's Son (Roy Andersson, )
The casual cruelty of parenthood meets with the nonchalance of youth. This is Andresson at work in the social milieu in which he excels. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish … Read more

Visitor, The (Paul Andersen, 2007)
A lonely woman who lives with her daughter in disconnected silence sews herself a new man from discarded rags. His presence exacerbates tension in the mother-daughter relationship. An unconventional … Read more

Volveran Las Naves (Gianfranco Annichini, 1986)
"This beautiful Peruvian film captivated me with the simplicity of its concept and its beautiful imagery which betrays a personal visual style. A grandson asks his grandfather about the old days then… Read more

VOYAGE TO CYTHERA (Theo Angelopoulos, 1983)
After more than three decades' exile in the Soviet Union, a declaration of political amnesty means that Spyros, an elderly Commu­nist rebel, can at last return to his homeland. Yet in doing so. h… Read more

Wakefield Express (Lindsay Anderson, 1952)
Wakefield Express was commissioned to celebrate the newspaper's fiftieth anniversary. It tells something of the history and the current operation of the paper and devotes itself to the subjects which… Read more

WALKING ON WATER (Tony Ayres, 2001)
Winner of two prizes at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival (including the Teddy for Best Feature) and also selected for the Hong Kong Film Festival, Walking on Water is a refreshingly unsentimental, and e… Read more

WE THREE (Pupi Avati, 1984)
The brief sojourn of 14 year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Bologna, to sit for a musical composition exam, is the starting-point for Avati's high-spirited, whimsical, 18th C. "teen-pic". Set against… Read more

WEDDING SONG, THE (Karin Albou, 2008)
“A bold, very carnal take on adolescent female bonding.” - Variety ... In 1942 in Tunisia, two teenage girls struggle to hold their friendship together in the face of cultural differences and eme… Read more

Wet and Wild (David Adams, 1967)
The camera catches the colossal power of the giant waves as a board rider catches one on his perilous journey. ... Read more

What a Hog! (Kine Aune, 1992)
Humans may not think that Wally the wart-hog is the most attractive animal they've ever seen but his girlfriend back in Africa certainly does. But, captured and displayed in a circus in Europe, Wally… Read more

When Bee Meets Bee (C. P. Abbott, 1953)
A record of observations on bee behaviour made in England by Dr. O G. Butler and Mr. J. B. Free working at the Rathamsted Experimental Station. ... Read more

WHISPERING SANDS (Nan T. Achnas, 2001)
Christine Hakim - the most prestigious actor in Indonesia - stars in and co-produces this rites-of-passage feature. Set in the stark landscapes of East Java, the film's concern is the mother-daughter… Read more

WHO NEEDS A HEART (John Akomfrah, 1991)
... ... Where Isaac Julien's Young Soul Rebels (MFF, 1991) gave voice to the black youth dance-set of the mid-late 1970s, John Akomfrah's new film depicts, in a very differ­ent form, the little-s… Read more

Who Wants Unions? (Laszlo Barna, Laura Alper, 1982)
A movement to "de-unionise" industry has been gaining considerable ground in the US and Canada in recent years. It has developed a new breed of "union-buster" using persuasive psychological technique… Read more

WILD STYLE (Charlie Ahern, 1983)
By day, Raymond is just another teenager surviving the South Bronx ghetto. But by night, he paints subway trains as "Zoro", a legendary lone graffiti artist whose identity remains a mystery — e… Read more

American photographer William Eggleston introduced colour photography into an art world still clinging to monochrome. When the Museum of Modern Art in New York used Eggleston's work to mark its first… Read more

Window (Piotr Andrejew, 1979)
A film showing a blind child and his difficulties in reading Braille. The child's face reflects and expression of effort. ... Read more

Witch Doctor (Ritter-Young-Lerner Associates, 1952)
A dance stylization of a voodoo rite performed by a Haitian witch doctor, with Jean Leon Destine dancing the title role which highlights the poetry of barbaric rhythms. ... Read more

Women Break Out (Erika Addis, 1981)
A documentary-drama which depicts women taking control of their own lives in the context of a women's refuge One group of residents and workers talks about their experiences at Halfway House and the … Read more

WONDERFUL TOWN (Aditya Assarat, 2007)
“An elegant combo of slow-burn romance and social realism… Wonderful Town reaches deeply into the hearts and minds of people struggling to rebuild themselves long after the physical shockwav… Read more

World of Glory- ROY ANDERSSON SHORTS (Roy Andersson, )
This bleak social criticism is an expression of European shame over the Holocaust. It contains one of cinema's most provocative images. ... Not in competition ... --- D/P/S Roy Andersson WS Swedish F… Read more

Yankee Painter - The Work of Winslow Homer (Harry Atwood, 1964)
Drawings, watercolours and oils of Winslow Homer illustrate his artistic development as well as the breadth of fits interest. ... Read more

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