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Films Screened In 1972

Jigglers Unlimited (Fred Schepisi, 1971)
An advertising film extolling the virtues of teabags. ... Read more

JOE HILL (Bo Widerberg, 1971)
The film depicts his early days in Nev York, then traces his long trek to California, riding the freight trains, penniless and despised for his poverty Later, he becomes involved with the Industrial … Read more

JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (Dalton Trumbo, 1970)
Joe Bonham, a young U.S. soldier whose arms, legs and face have been blown off by a shell on the last day of World War I, is kept alive by the efforts of a zealous army doctor, who is convinced that … Read more

JUST BEFORE NIGHT (Claude Chabrol, 1971)
Claude Chabrol describes Just Before Night as "the story of a man who kills someone, and then finds out he himself is dead". In it, he created a psychological drama which begins when Charles, the cen… Read more

KNOCKOUT (Boro Draskovic, 1971)
The theme is a contemporary one, involving the social, ethical, and psychological problems of that symbol our times—the "anti-hero". ... Marko, a young Yugoslav, travels abroad to satisfy his s… Read more

Labyrinth (Piotr Kamler, 1969)
Rejecting real life, with its crowds and ... noises, a man enters a fantastic world ... of extraordinary people. Soon, this ... world becomes more and more ... threatening, the man is pursued and ...… Read more

Lamentation (Surendar Chaudhary, 1971)
This student-made film equities the ... cutting down of a tree with the ... raping of a girl or killing of an ... animal. ... Read more

Laocoon (Václav Mergl, 1970)
A group of astronauts find mysterious eggs on an unknown planet, filled with treasure. They take them into their rocket, and while they doze off on their return journey to Earth, suffocating tentacle… Read more

Let it Bleed (Maggie Clarke, 1971)
A paragraph from Jean Genet's "A ... Thief's Journal" comes to life: two ... people fight, one falls, his wound ... bleeds. ... Read more

LOVE (Károly Makk, 1971)
What she does not know is that her son is in prison, a victim of Hungary's Stalinist regime. His wife keeps the secret well—she visits the old woman regularly, tells her that her writer son is … Read more

Loving Memory (Tony Scott, 1970)
A middle-aged brother and sister accidentally kill a young man, and take his body to a cottage on the moors, where a conflict develops between them as to his ultimate fate, and their own. ... Read more

Magritte - The False Mirror (David Sylvester, 1970)
The strange and haunting, surreal world of the paintings of Rene Magritte, with occasional comments from close friends, and extracts from his own statements. ... Read more

Maria Island (Judith Simpson, 1971)
The film shows the life of a ranger's family living on Maria Island, an animal and bird sanctuary off the east coast of Tasmania. ... Read more

Memorial (James Allen, 1971)
A reliving of the Battle of the Somme using soldiers of bronze and stone, without dialogue. ... Read more

MILLHOUSE (Emile de Antonio, 1971)
Film-maker Emile de Antonio sets out, in what has been described as documentary "white-comedy", to confront one of the most treasured illusions of American society: blind faith in the democratic char… Read more

Mind Your Own Business (Gene Deitch, 1970)
A continuation in the series of cartoons on a whimsical character called Mr. Koumal, who in this film tries, in an original way, to find what is 'personal courage'. ... Read more

Mixed Double (Bent Barfod, 1970)
Bent Barfod, Danish avant-garde film director, produced an experimental photographic ballet film in Mixed Double. ... Read more

MON ONCLE ANTOINE (Claude Jutra, 1970)
For Jacques, the general store was the cross-roads of life—a place where a boy could learn all that was needed for the way ahead—especially when his uncle was the storekeeper and also the… Read more

My Brother's Children (Anthony Isaacs, 1970)
Produced in Nigeria for the people of Yoruba-land, the film uses the traditional dramatic form of story telling (a group of actors tour the country, dramatising urgent problems) to introduce the idea… Read more

NIGHT OF THE LIAR (Clara Posani, 1972)
An ambitious actor, Alberto, who as a young man was involved in left wing political activities, now dreams of gaining fame by establishing his own company. At a spiritualist seance, he places himself… Read more

Norman Jewison Filmmaker (Doug Jackson, 1971)
Norman Jewison Film Maker is an intriguing, full-screen study of a man and a personality in action, moulding the performances in Fiddler on the Roof. ... Read more

November (Bob Nichol, 1970)
A cine-poem expressing the moods, imagery, colour and "feel" of November in the countryside and in the city. ... Read more

OCEAN (Folco Quilici, 1971)
A South Sea islander, Tanai, sets out on a pirogue to find a sackful of earth on another island, where he could plant a cutting of the "uru", the breadfruit tree, and settle down to raise a family. .… Read more

Paddington Lace (Christopher McCullough, 1970)
Paddington is one of Sydney's oldest suburbs, which has developed somewhat along the lines of New York's Greenwich Village, or London's Chelsea, and has become Sydney's artist colony. This fully dram… Read more

PART OF THE FAMILY (Paul Ronder, 1971)
"One of the most brutal features of news media is their ability to and success in depersonalising brutality. reducing it to the realm of 'events'." ... In its director's words, Part of the Family "is… Read more

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