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Films Screened In 1972

Peru: Inca Heritage (Elda Hartley, 1970)
The simple agrarian life of the descendants of the Incas. living today in the Peruvian Andes, is played against the backdrop of the ruins of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. ... Read more

Pillar of Wisdom (Josef Reeve, 1970)
A film on the dramatic initiation rites at Queen's University— primarily about the ritual where "fresh" attempt to climb a greased pole amidst the abuse and rotten tomatoes of their seniors. ... Read more

Ponies (Hector J Lemieux, 1972)
Singly, in small groups, and in large herds. Welsh ponies are observed eating, drinking, frolicking and sleeping. ... Read more

The "stars" of this film are six boys, the smallest one barely four years old and the eldest only eleven years old. ... The film consists of three novellas—"Alarming Event", "Hooligans", and "H… Read more

Portrait of a Deaf City (Bill Buckley, 1971)
Six provocative views of the city from the powerful and the powerless: City Hall, the "middle American", the militant black, the poverty lawyer, the community organiser, and the suburbanite. ... Read more

PRIVATE ROAD (Barney Platts-Mills, 1971)
Young British director, Barney Piatts-Mills, looks at the generation gap. He films from the youthful side of the gulf, but this time with a difference. He is not out to distinguish "them" from "us", … Read more

Propaganda Message (Barrie Nelson, 1971)
Pressures from ethnic, social or language groups can obscure the great potential of the federated States of Canada. ... Read more

Railways for Ever (Norman Prouting, 1970)
John Betjeman reminisces in a poem, especially written for the film, about the great trains of old, and looks forward to railways for ever. ... Read more

RE: LONE (Franz Ernst, 1970)
Lone is a 16-year old girl who runs away from an institution for wayward girls. Determined to strike out on her own, Lone succeeds only in compounding her problems. ... The theme of the film is escap… Read more

Red and White (Keld Helmer-Petersen, 1968)
A short musical improvisation on the Danish national colours, red and white; colours which actually dominate the Danish scene. ... Read more

Retreat... retreat (Garry Patterson, 1971)
I don't want to be anyone else but me ... .I just wish I was better at it." ... Read more

S.O.S. (Marcell Jankovics, 1971)
A drowning man calls for help in vain because no one pays any attention to his shouts. ... Read more

Satan in Church (Ivan Vesselinov, 1970)
In a political attack on the clergy, this cartoon satirises cant and hypocrisy, and culminates in Satan himself appearing in church. ... Read more

Scarabus (Gérald Frydman, 1971)
Under the rule of a mysterious power, Scarabus.,a strange city is inhabited by a populace made up by identical persons. All attempts to find out more about Scarabus than his name, are met with failur… Read more

Search (Javier Blanco, 1969)
The heroine of the film, Marta. has for long been suffering from indecision and problems of communication. A confrontation at last, brings her to the point where she has to make a decision. ... Read more

Sentinels of Silence (Robert Amram, 1971)
A documentary showing the major pre-Columbian ruins of Mexico. Narrated by Orson Welles, the film conveys a spiritual and aesthetic impression of ancient civilizations. ... Read more

Sheep Sheep Sheep (Michael Murphy, 1970)
The moods, images, sounds of sheep. ... Read more

Sheila (Jeffrey Schwartz, 1971)
A portrait of a tranvestite, by a student of the London Film School. ... Read more

Some Regrets (Brian Robinson, 1971)
Fred exists in a room. He tries to alleviate, but without success, the narrowness of this environment, making use of TV, dreams, hysteria and violence. He dies and goes to heaven, which is even less … Read more

Steering My Own Destiny (Katarzyna Latallo, 1971)
Modern man is being inundated by an ever-growing flood of information, which threatens to engulf him. ... Read more

SWORDS OF DEATH (Uchida Tomu, 1970)
Musashi Miyamoto, a young swords-ran, visits Baiken Shishido, a warrior renowned for his fighting skill with chain and sickle. While the two are chatting over a drink, Baiken discovers rat Musashi ha… Read more

Synchromy (Norman McLaren, 1971)
In Synchromy, there is an absolute parallel between sound and image: what is seen on the screen at any moment is the image or images that are creating the sound. For the eye and ear of the viewer the… Read more

Tarapaca (René Kocher, 1971)
The great physical and cultural distances between people living in the province of Tarapaca in Chile are diminished by the introduction of radio telephone services. ... Read more

Teddy (Alex Kinnet, 1971)
Two lovers are about to separate. The man looks at the slides which are a record of their life together, and ponders on their past and future. ... Read more

Tender Trap (Berger, Maliangkay, Spermon, 1971)
A narcissistic wrestler admires himself amidst the mirror-covered walls of a ballet school. He meets with an adversary—they fight—and the encounter ends in an unexpected way. ... Read more

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