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Films Screened In 1994

White Christmas (Michael Magnaye, 1994)
When Bing Crosby sang "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas", he wasn't dreaming of the kind of White Christmas portrayed in this film. White Christmas is a fascinating look at Christmas - American-styl… Read more

Whose Television? (Steve Spangaro, 1994)
Entertaining and informative documentary showing an overview of current forms of public access community television. The emphasis is on participation and the program encourages anyone to get involved. Read more

Wings of Shadow (Ph Robert, JC Thibaut, 1994)
Beautifully crafted futuristic film noir, Bladerunner in a nutshell. Interned in a psychiatric hospital, Marcus takes his nurse as hostage in order to confront the mysterious 'force' that neutralised… Read more

Wladislaw Starewicz (Wadim Berestowski, 1986)
A 1986 examination of the master animator, his life, times and work. Long overdue, this documentary covers his pioneering and dedicated work. From his initial scientific films animating insects to hi… Read more

Yeah Moustafa (Ali Higson, 1994)
Belly-dancing, beer, love handles and beer-bellies. Cultures collide in the life of Annette the belly dancer. Embracing Lebanese culture, she discovers that cultural stereotyping works both ways, fac… Read more

Yolk (Michael Blanch, Ricardo Ferreiro, Melia Daw, 1993)
A surreal journey through various Bataille-informed masculine erotic and absurdist images. ... Read more

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