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Waltzing Mathilda (Michael Chataway, Michael Cusak, 1985)
This acclaimed clay animation is choreographed to the tune of Australia's unofficial national anthem. Writer/ directors Chattaway and Cusak shot the film over four months, using a 60- year-old camera… Read more

We Are The Landowner (Ian Dunlop, 1985)
A film by veteran Australian ethnographic filmmaker about the outstatlon, or clan homeland movement throughout northern and central Australia. Two centres are closely examined. ... Yirrkala, in north… Read more

What Can I Do With A Male Nude? (Ron Peck, 1985)
A short comedy on the taboo of the male nude. Its setting is a photographic studio and its basic situation a photographic session in which the photographer runs his model through the gamut of possibi… Read more

What Is This (Rafael Montanez Ortiz, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

When the Moon Falls (Stephen Mackerras, 1985)
A surrealist allegorical fable (from Oueensland?!) dealing with the Increasing gap between rich and poor and the wall of illusions that rich men hide behind. The influence of Samuel Beckett is appare… Read more

Where Little Demons Dwell (Alex Steyermark, 1985)
Stauffer, a widower lives with his housekeeper of 15 years, a woman both caring and overbearing in her manner. A doctor is brought in to cure a mysterious illness that Srauffer seems to be suffering … Read more

Wings of Death (Nichola Bruce, Mike Coulson, 1985)
The 'wings of death' pursue a young addict - trying to escape from a violent murder. He takes refuge in a decaying hotel - inhabited by creatures from his imagination - victims of their own gross for… Read more

Work & Change (Inez Bararay, 1985)
Provides an account of the introduction of industrial democracy within government factories by the Australian Federal ... Government. ... Read more

WORKING GIRLS (Lizzie Borden, 1985)
WORKING GIRLS is a frank and often humorous look at women working in a brothel in midtown Manhattan. It is owned and run by Susan, a woman in her 30s. who had worked briefly as a prostitute before op… Read more

WRONG WORLD (Ian Pringle, 1985)
"The money's finished. It had to run out sometime. Everything does. The blood, the passion, the fear. Everything except the loneliness. I don't even want to kill myself anymore. I don't know if I eve… Read more

Xidu (Michelle Mahrer, 1985)
Xidu is the force that propels man. ... Read more

YERMA (Imre Gyongyossy, Barna Kabay, 1985)
Set in the idyll of an Andalusian village in feudal times, this is the story of one woman's struggle for self-realisation. A tragedy of passions, it traces Yerma's frustrations and discontent with he… Read more

Yes It Is (Virginia Hilyard, 1985)
Synopsis not available Read more

You Can't Touch Me Now (Rick Randall, 1985)
A woman returns to a psychiatric institution. The building is in disrepair but painful memories remain intact: the journey must begin anew. This student film suffers from some weaknesses, notably som… Read more

Your Face (Bill Plympton, 1985)
A second-rate crooner sings to his love, while his face becomes a permutating landscape. A bizarre animation. reminiscent of Godley & Creme's Cry. ... Read more

ZINA (Ken McMullen, 1985)
Ken McMullen's most ambitious film to date traces the story of ... one of those shadowy figures from the past through whom we ... seek to learn the true temper of an extraordinary time. She is ... Zi… Read more

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