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215 feature films and 84 short films were screened from 22 July to 8 August
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The 59th MIFF program shined a spotlight on Australian, Indian and Asian cinema. A collection of films explored the places we inhabit and included Nostalgia for the Light (Patricio Guzman) and the four- part documentary, Cities on Speed. First Encounters showcased debut films from a generation of filmmakers taking cinema in new directions, and Flawed Geniuses celebrated the eccentricies of some of the world's greatest minds - highlights included Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (Michele Hozer, Peter Raymont) and The Invention of Dr. Nakamats (Kaspar Astrup). Guests included Germaine Greer, American filmmaker Adrian Grenier and Indian superstar and producer Aamir Khan. The program also included a selection of 3D films, a drive in and a Planetarium Fulldome Showcase. 

Filmmaker in Focus
Joe Dante. Dante was a guest of the Festival, a retrospective of his work was screened.
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Opening Night Film
The Wedding Party (Amanda Jane, 2010)  

On a personal level it is a great pleasure to be able to present my fourth and final MIFF.

What a ride it's been… from naively jumping on a plane to a film market directly after my appointment in 2006 in the belief that it was possible to secure any film one saw (oh, the politics of it all) to last year's shenanigans over a little Australian documentary.

As MIFF prepares for its 60th anniversary next year I depart knowing this festival is in good shape. Membership is booming, the industry wing we began four years ago is burgeoning, and last years box office was a MIFF record. And if you thought last year's program rocked, then prepare yourself for another feast of cinematic delights and challenges, not least of all our special tribute to one of our honored guests, Joe Dante.

As I pack my T-shirts and shorts for northern climes, I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to our audiences and to all the staff who have worked towards MIFF's success over the last four years – if you're feeling cold you know where to find me.

Richard Moore
Executive Director

Hey MIFFophiles,

 Friends, flixfans, featuremongers, doco-addicts, digifreaks, CGI geeks, HD hounds, shorts aficionados, animation maniacs, moviemusic mavens and Kinematographic groupies – welcome all to the popular and the eclectic: Richard Moore's team-driven ultimate cornucopia of tasty celluloidal appetisers with side orders of piquant pixels, genre tidbits and hearty heavyweight pig-outs.

I know you will enjoy Melbourne's unique feast/fest – our annual anti-blockbuster pure 2D multidimensional spread of global storytelling and no-holds-barred nonfiction… stuff to thrill and challenge the most discerning, adventurous and playful palates.

It's open house.

Bring new friends.

Dig in.

Geoffrey Rush
MIFF Patron

Introduction taken from the 2010 official guide

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