MIFF 1984

Paul Seto

After considerable reflection I find I can only write this foreword from a personal point of view rather than as the "Director".

I came to the Melbourne International Film Festival in January, refreshed from a holiday in America, full of zest and over-flowing with the joys of human kindness. As it has turned out, I have needed every bit of this energy and then some.

Anyone who could do this for 26 years has my sincere admiration.

I found an uneasiness about the future of the festival that puzzled me, to me the potential seemed limitless. A distinguished history of 32 years, countless critical successes, guiding hands that were sure and experienced.

Over the first month I examined the artistic and financial records of the festival and managed to meet most of the people involved in the various sub-committees and working parties, the "Friends", and other special interest groups.

What emerged was a series of strongly-held opinions of what the festival was and should be. Clearly, it was impossible to completely satisfy everyone, if indeed everyone was correct. The goal then became to select and blend various desirable elements into a strong, vital, viable international festival.

This I hope I have achieved. And, if I have been successful it has not been accomplished on my own. The festival office staff — Kerrie, Lee, Marion, John and many others who gave freely their time, have been a source of unfailing support and good humour. Two special people, John McArthur and Scheffe, were always ready with clear-headed advice and encouragement. Two of nature's true gentlemen.

The wonderful people at the Arts Centre, especially George Fairfax, Sue Nattress and Renee Leon have been marvellous in finding solutions to the mountain of requests we have made to ensure the best possible Festival for you, and in very difficult circumstances too.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks if you have helped the festival this year and I hope I have thanked you personally. If not, I have meant to, believe me.

1984 — A festival that brings to you a selection of films from around the world in a variety of styles and in a range of languages. Hopefully we are all a little more tolerant and a little wiser for the experience.

Paul Seto
Executive Director

Introduction taken from the 1984 official guide

Festival Program
75 feature films and 134 short films were screened from 1 June to 16 June
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Program in Focus
Films of note: Daniel (Sidney Lumet), White Dog (Samuel Fuller), The Makioka Sisters (Kon Ichikawa), The Fourth Man (Paul Verhoeven), Videodrome (David Cronenberg), The Hypothesis of The Stolen Painting (Raul Ruiz)

Filmmaker in Focus
Alfred Hitchcock. A retrospective of Hitchcock films was screened.
{focus Alfred Hitchcock}

Featured Film
Eureka (Nicolas Roeg)

Featured Film
Broadway Danny Rose (Woody Allen)

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Rikos ja Rangaistus
MIFF 1984

Etienne and Sara

Etienne et Sara
MIFF 1984


Könnyü testi sértés
MIFF 1984

From the Festival Files

You Had to Be There

The thrill of the festival happens in a moment. In the shared moments created in being present at the festival, and in sharing experiences with others in the MIFF community. These moments are the instances that set the festival apart from the everyday, that remind us that we live in the present, and that some experiences are just too unique to replicate. … Each year, we return to the festival to …

On Screen and in the Cinema

The magic of the festival is reached through its screens. These are places and spaces that captivate our attention, providing windows where films come to life before our eyes. As portals to the world, the festival’s screens allow us to travel the globe, move through time, and see through another’s eyes. … Yet these screens also remind us of home. They are fixed in place, in our memories and in o …