MIFF 1994

Tait Brady

Festival Program
100 feature films and 181 short films were screened from 2 June to 17 June
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Program in Focus
The 43rd MIFF program continued a focus on regional cinema, this year looking at Indonesia, as well as Architecture and Design, Environmental and Science films. Documentaries featured strongly, also as retrospective screenings. A focus on animation, featured a tribute to the films of Wladyslaw Starewicz, Tim Burton and the Aardman Animations studio in Bristol. 

Filmmaker in Focus
Prince Chatri. A retrospective of the filmmaker's work was screened.
{focus Chatrichalerm Yukol}

Opening Night Film
Muriel's Wedding (P J Hogan)

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Bei Dui Bei, Lian Dui Lian
MIFF 1994

Black Spot in the Desert

Ketem Shachor Bmidbar
MIFF 1994

By the Lake

Au Bord Du Lac
MIFF 1994
MIFF 1994
MIFF 1994
MIFF 1994
MIFF 1994

Manila Child

Anak Maynila
MIFF 1994


De Tunnel
Director Dree Andrea
MIFF 1994
MIFF 1994

Wings of Shadow

Les Ailes De L'Ombre
MIFF 1994

From the Festival Files

The Living Festival

What would a festival be without its audience? There wouldn’t be a festival at all! … People are the beating heart of MIFF. It was the coming together of some 800 people in Olinda in 1952 that gave birth to the Melbourne Film Festival. Since that unanticipated outpouring of community love for film, MIFF has become an annual gathering space for film enthusiasts and the cine-curious from Melbourne …

On Screen and in the Cinema

The magic of the festival is reached through its screens. These are places and spaces that captivate our attention, providing windows where films come to life before our eyes. As portals to the world, the festival’s screens allow us to travel the globe, move through time, and see through another’s eyes. … Yet these screens also remind us of home. They are fixed in place, in our memories and in o …