Expand your understanding of narrative filmmaking with these works that foreground their formal qualities and challenge with bold approaches to sound, sight and storytelling.

Dream Team

Director: Lev Kalman, Whitney Horn (2024)

If you think you’ve seen enough crime dramas that you can predict every twist, think again. This trippy investigation will keep you second-guessing.

Unclassified 18+ / 91m / 2024 / USA / Comedy, Experimental

The Hyperboreans

Showcased in Cannes Directors’ Fortnight, Beau Is Afraid’s breakout animators turn Chile’s Neo-Nazi history into a nightmarish stop-motion meta-movie.

Unclassified 18+ / 71m / 2024 / Chile / Experimental


The strange, tragic tale of the ‘cocaine hippo’ once owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar – narrated by the ghost of the beast himself.

Unclassified 18+ / 122m / 2024 / Germany, France, Dominican Republic, Namibia / Experimental

Us and the Night

Director: Audrey Lam (2024)

Ten years in the making and shot on transcendent 16mm, this is an unconventional love story for every book-loving introvert.

Unclassified 18+ / 67m / 2024 / Australia / Experimental