MIFF Shorts


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The much-loved MIFF Shorts program highlights the art of saying more with less. This year’s selection includes animation, documentary, experimental, and Australian and international fiction shorts.

Shorts Package

Accelerator Shorts 1

Bold works from emerging Australian and New Zealand filmmakers.

Unclassified 18+ / 87m / Drama, Comedy
Shorts Package

Accelerator Shorts 2

Preview the next generation of homegrown directors.

Unclassified 18+ / 82m / Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller
Shorts Package

Animation Shorts

Forms collide in this assorted collection of visual storytelling.

Unclassified 18+ / 106m / Documentary, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Action, Period, Adventure, Animation
Shorts Package

Australian Shorts

Impassioned narratives from this continent’s best.

Unclassified 18+ / 88m / Drama, Horror
Shorts Package

Best MIFF Shorts

A collection of the best short films from the festival, as chosen by the MIFF Shorts Awards jury and the MIFF Shorts programmers.

Unclassified 18+ / 100m
Shorts Package

Documentary Shorts

Far-reaching, resonating subjects pulled from various corners of the world.

Unclassified 18+ / 88m / Documentary
Shorts Package

Experimental Shorts

Unconventional cinema that tests the boundaries of form and function.

Unclassified 18+ / 108m / Documentary, Experimental, Horror
Shorts Package

International Shorts 1

An awarded and acclaimed cornucopia from directors known and new.

Unclassified 18+ / 117m / Drama, Experimental, Thriller, Romance
Shorts Package

International Shorts 2

Remarkable short-form favourites from Cannes, Berlin, Tribeca and more.

Unclassified 18+ / 116m / Drama, Experimental, Thriller
Shorts Package

WTF Shorts

Unfiltered and unapologetic. Not for the faint of heart.

Unclassified 18+ / 99m / Fantasy, Drama, Comedy, Experimental, Sci-Fi, Horror, Animation