North America

Enjoy North American storytelling, including tales of migration and revenge, coming of age and coming apart, as well as films starring Tilda Swinton, Jessica Chastain, Ilana Glazer and Jesse Eisenberg.

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Director: Raven Jackson (2023)

Like a visual poem, this ode to a Black woman’s joys and tragedies in the Deep South is rendered exquisitely tactile on the big screen.

Unclassified 18+ / 92m / 2023 / USA / Drama


Director: Pamela Adlon (2024)

This raucous ‘mom-com’, written by star Ilana Glazer (Broad City), delivers a bundle of joy from the slapstick indignities of impending motherhood.

Unclassified 18+ / 104m / 2024 / USA / Comedy

Blue Sun Palace

Director: Constance Tsang (2024)

The complexities of the migrant experience are tenderly depicted in this deeply felt debut feature, which arrives fresh from Cannes Critics’ Week.

Unclassified 18+ / 116m / 2024 / USA / Drama, Romance

Bob Trevino Likes It

Director: Tracie Laymon (2024)

This SXSW award-winner will have you hitting ‘like’ with its tale of a pining daughter and the man who is not her father connecting online and IRL.

Unclassified 15+ / 102m / 2024 / USA / Drama, Comedy


Director: Sean Wang (2024)

This double-Sundance-winning semi-autobiographical film surveys a coming of age marked by Myspace and Motorola flip phones during the 2000s.

Unclassified 15+ / 93m / 2024 / USA / Drama

The Damned

Director: Roberto Minervini (2024)

With this twist on the jingoistic, action-packed war movie, Cannes Un Certain Regard Best Director winner Roberto Minervini asks: what’s it all for?

Unclassified 18+ / 88m / 2024 / USA, Belgium, Italy / Drama

A Different Man

Director: Aaron Schimberg (2024)

Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) plays a wannabe actor who learns that confidence isn’t skin-deep in this deliciously twisted morality tale.

Unclassified 18+ / 112m / 2024 / USA / Drama

I Saw the TV Glow

Director: Jane Schoenbrun (2023)

Brigette Lundy-Paine and Justice Smith star as teen outsiders whose obsessive pop-culture fandom causes rifts in their realities.

M / 100m / 2023 / USA / Drama, Horror

Matt and Mara

Director: Kazik Radwanski (2024)

Anne at 13,000 Feet director Kazik Radwanski re-teams with Deragh Campbell and Matt Johnson in this ennui-filled character-driven charmer.

Unclassified 18+ / 80m / 2024 / Canada / Drama, Comedy


Director: Michel Franco (2023)

Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard are exceptional in this dark and difficult love story – director Michel Franco’s most optimistic film to date.

Unclassified 18+ / 103m / 2023 / USA, Mexico / Drama

My First Film

Director: Zia Anger (2024)

Instead of writing off her abandoned first feature as a failure, filmmaker Zia Anger devised this imaginative, self-reflexive piece of autofiction.

Unclassified 18+ / 100m / 2024 / USA / Drama

My Old Ass

Director: Megan Park (2023)

If you were a queer Canadian teenager and Aubrey Plaza appeared to you as your future self, would you heed her ominous warning?

Unclassified 15+ / 88m / 2023 / USA / Comedy, Romance


Director: Julio Torres (2023)

Tilda Swinton plays the boss from hell in this absurdist satire of US immigration policy and the New York art scene from multi-hyphenate Julio Torres.

M / 104m / 2023 / USA / Drama, Comedy

Sasquatch Sunset

Director: David Zellner, Nathan Zellner (2023)

Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg star in undoubtedly the greatest wordless, scatological, horny and tragicomic Bigfoot movie in the history of cinema.

Unclassified 18+ / 88m / 2023 / USA / Comedy

Sing Sing

Director: Greg Kwedar (2023)

In this SXSW award-winner, a theatre group finds hope and meaning through self-expression within the confines of a maximum-security prison.

Unclassified 18+ / 106m / 2023 / USA / Drama


Director: Josh Margolin (2023)

A 93-year-old grandma’s mission – and, yes, she chooses to accept it – is to reclaim her money from scammers by any means necessary.

Unclassified 15+ / 97m / 2023 / USA / Comedy


Director: Joel Potrykus (2024)

Underground auteur Joel Potrykus returns with a mind-bending and hilariously shocking trip into the existential terror of middle age.

Unclassified 18+ / 85m / 2024 / USA / Drama, Comedy

Who by Fire

Director: Philippe Lesage (2024)

Egos clash in this tense coming-of-age tale set in an isolated cabin in the Canadian wilderness, which won the Berlinale Generation 14plus Grand Prix.

Unclassified 18+ / 161m / 2024 / France, Canada / Drama