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Some secrets are kept forever…

In the beautiful yet brutal terrain of New Zealand's Urewera Ranges, elderly Maori tribeswoman Puhi has lived through tragedies so powerful that some, including her, believe she is cursed. Caring for her mentally ill son Niki, the only surviving child of 13, her daily struggle paints a remarkable story of loss, injustice and courage. Rain of the Children is a moving and compelling biographical account, constructed from footage shot over the last 30 years and featuring contemporary interviews with tribal descendents and recreations of historical events.

“I don't know that I personally believe in curses, but I do believe that if you believe in a curse it has tremendous power and can absolutely affect you.” - filmmaker Vincent Ward. Rain of the Children actor Temeura Morrisson of a guest of the festival.

Temuera Morrison is a guest of the festival.

Congratulations to RAIN OF THE CHILDREN director Vincent Ward whose film just won the Grand Prix at Era New Horizons Film Festival in Poland, Europe's biggest film event which screens 360 films.
D Vincent Ward P Margaret Slater, Tainui Stevens Dist Rialto Distribution L English, Maori TD 35mm/2008/102mins


MIFF 2008


moartea domnului lazarescu
Director Cristi Puiu
MIFF 2008