Director Alexis Dos Santos / 2009 / UK

<p><strong>“A stylish ode to the ache of youthful passions set against a chic and multi-cultural London.” - <em>Screen International</em></strong><em></em></p>

<p>Two young foreigners in London - one searching for his father, the other for love - engage in all the excesses of an inner-urban party lifestyle.</p>

<p>Axl, played by dreamboat actor Fernando Tielve (<em>Pan's Labyrinth</em>), is a Spaniard on a mission to track down his estranged British father, while Vera, a mysterious Belgian girl (Déborah Fran&ccedil;ois, <em>The Child</em>, MIFF 05) recently dumped by her boyfriend, embarks on an anonymous affair with a charismatic stranger. Recalling the playfulness of Wong Kar-wai, this second feature from Alexis Dos Santos (<em>Glue</em>, MIFF 07) is a hip-but-heartfelt exploration of a hedonistic partying and bed-hopping lifestyle, all scored to a thumping Brit-infused indie soundtrack.</p>

<p>Director Alexis Dos Santos is a guest of the Festival.</p>


D/S Alexis Dos Santos P Peter Ettedgui, Soledad Gatti-Pascual Dist Madman Entertainment L English, French, Spanish w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2009</p>

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