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“A talented man is on a downward path until he hits rock bottom. That happens pretty often. And not just because of drugs. There are a lot of temptations all around.” - filmmaker Aleksey Balabanov

Russia, 1917. The revolution is spreading out of the cities and into the countryside. To a frozen Siberian village comes a talented young doctor, keen to practise his craft for the townspeople. Inexprienced but fast on his feet, he learns quickly - until a single shot of morphine begins to unravel his life.

Taking the reins from director Sergei Bodrov Jr (who drafted the screenplay to Morphia but died tragically before he could start filming), Alexei Balabanov (Cargo 200, MIFF 08) brings his own dark touch to create a brilliantly atmospheric tale of love, drugs and politics.

Features one of the best endings of the Festival.

--- D Aleksey Balabanov P Sergei Selianov S Sergei Bodroev Jr WS Intercinema L Russian w/English subtitles TD 35mm/2008