Help! de dokter verzuipt

Director Nikolai van der Heyde / 1974 / Netherlands

The robust doctor, Angelino, occupies a central position in his village community. He is surrounded by colourful characters, and most of them are his patients. But one of them strikes him especially: she is the new school-teacher and he meets her in his consulting room. Her beauty is enough to make his socks change colour. He has fallen desperately in love with her, but how is he to win her over? At length, he confesses to his friend and neighbour, the parish priest, who looks up the Bible in order to help the doctor in his quest. But the inspired word has no counsel for the occasion, and Angelino has to rely on his native wit. His problem is paralleled in the film by the dilemma of the master builder who is courting a young gipsy. He cannot express his feeling in words, so he builds a whole new camp for her. But the people cannot do without their doctor and things come right for him, to the delight of the entire community, including the nuns, the housekeeper, the gipsies, and even the policeman.

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