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Three girls, one of them pregnant, meet at a school re-union and decide to go out on the town together. During the ten years since they have seen each other, they have gradually become absorbed into their husbands' worlds. Now they challenge the sexual expectations and stereotypes they feel have been forced upon them. They take a sauna, go to a bar and pick up two photographers. During the next three days they behave as freely as they feel, living together in a flat and picking up strangers in the street. They act as though it were acceptable for women to regard men as decorative playthings, as objects of pleasure, judged by good looks and attractiveness, to be picked up and discarded at will.

Wives is directed by a woman, Anja Breien, and much of the film's dialogue and development is improvised among the four women.

'It is a film that is not dramatic, wordy or preachy about femme lib, but gives it a going-over in a spirited, witty and comedic manner which can be as revelatory as more serious pix on this theme.'


Jury Special Mention, Locarno 1975