Director Elliott Halpern / 1996 / Canada

Jesus in Russia: An American Holy War takes viewers inside the crusades of two extremely colourful American evangelists as they preal pray and heal their way across a troubled land! In the wake of the collapse of Communism,is estimated that 30,000 Christian missionarj have descended on Eastern Europe Their goal is to convert millions in what has become a virtual supermarket of lost souls.

After a tumultuous decade, Russia lies vulnerable to ideological invasion. Facing a diminishing potential market at home. American evangelists have found a new land opportunity. They are transplanting their sophisticated marketing tools to the former Soviet Empire, enticing thousands of Russians to Fundamentalist Christianity. Join us on unforgettable trip as we watch the Bible Belt being stretched around the girth of Russia

Jesus in Russia reveals the US evangelist movement as never before. The ideological battle between Communism and Capitalism has given way to a religious struggle. No longer satisfied with winning hearts and minds. protagonists now fight over souls. The Cold is now a Holy War.

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