Director Al Pacino / 1996 / USA

A master class in Shakespeare, Al Pacino's Looking For Richard is simultaneously a telling of the classic drama. Richard III. and an exploration of the artistic and practical battles to understand the play Al Pacino is the exuberant centre of a film that ingeniously interweaves commentary on, and analysis of Shakespeare, with rehearsals for key segments and some breathless scenes from the filmed' version of a production that exists solely for this film. Ranging from the streets of New York to the restored Globe Theatre in London, Pacino combines the gripping drama of power, lust and betrayal with an intimate study of the process of coming to grips with the work.

The central motivation is to make the play accessible to a general audience, Pacino produces, directs, takes the lead role and calls upon a five-star cast to help him achieve the task Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey, Winona Ryder, Sir John Geilgud, Vanessa Redgrave, lames Earl lones, Aidan Quinn, and Kevin Kline number amongst those who act in, comment on, quote or otherwise illuminate Richard III

Richard comes alive as never before, fuelled by Pacino's wild energy and fierce passion for the Bard—in fact some of the actors returned their pay cheques, preferring to contribute funds to the film "We're getting forty dollars a day and all the donuts we can eat," comments Alec Baldwin Looking For Richard must be the ultimate Shakespeare annotated notes!

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