Director Marquise Lepage / 1995 / Canada


The Lost Garden presents the life and cinema of Alice Guy-Blache, the world's first female filmmaker and unsung hero in the development of narrative cinema. She put together her first ambitious project in France by persuading her boss at Gaumont Studios to let her film a brief re-enactment of a popular fairytale-while still completing her secretarial duties each day! La Fee Aux Choux (1896) proved Guy-Blache's point and preceded even the first story films of the Melies Brothers.

Later she founded her own production company. Solax, in the United States, where she enjoyed success after success. Then, after directing, producing and/or writing more than 700 films, her name slipped into oblivion Television interviews from the sixties reveal Alice Guy-Blache to be a witty, articulate and elegant grande dame of cinema who relished a pointed anecdote The Lost Garden pays long overdue homage to a woman who influenced an entire art form.

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