Director Bernar Hébert / / Canada

In Bernar Hebert's latest, dream-like production, the members of acclaimed Montreal dance troupe Lalala Human Steps-including the astonishingly kinetic Louise Lecavalier—inhabit a fantastical temple of art filled with the paintings of Spanish Renaissance master, Diego Velazquez. The film is an adaptation of the troupe's Infants C'esl Destroy which it both captures and enriches, utilising sophisticated visual trickery to enhance the already dazzling choreography of Edouard Lock.

Hebert s career has been dedicated to bringing dance to cinematic life and he uses this setting to evoke the passionate artist's sensibility, casting the dancers' movements as his primary visual element. Velazquez's painting sometimes come to life and roam through the temple's mirrored halls with the dancers The Film is a journey not only through an imaginary place but through a visionary's heart and a dancer's mind.

The journey of movement, intensely rhythmic in quality, is at once sensual and brutal. The spectator is guided through a labyrinth where everything seems to be involved in an infinite process of creation and recreation.

Already a multi-award winner, the thoroughly fascinating and enthralling Velazquez's Little Museum has been described in its home country as. Like visiting a place you've never heard of but somehow have been longing to go to."

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