Exterior Night

Director Mark Rappaport / 1994 / USA

A unique project originally shot in HDTV, Exterior Night utilises a previously unimaginable conceit-using original rear screen process plates and background scenes from Warner Brothers classics of the 30s, 40s and 50s. as the setting for a new work.

A young man trying to find out about his once-famous grandfather, time-travels back to the 60s to confront his father and then. Further back to the 40s, to meet up with the grandfather he never met, a hard boiled detective who also wrote pulp fiction novels that were made into films. The young man and the other characters interact in the same scenes once inhabited by Bogart and Crawford. The journey helps the young man come to terms with the present as well as acquainting him with his family members and their past.

Here Rappaport extends the notion of superimposing characters into other people's movies, first explored in Rock Hudson's Home Movies and taken even further in From The journals Jean Seberg. (TB)

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